托福口语真题:An enjoyable event in your childhood

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摘要: 托福口语真题:An enjoyable event in your childhood  Describe your favorite room either of your own house or in other places and explain why.  Well, I’m gonna talk about my study room.Firstly, the ...
托福口语真题:An enjoyable event in your childhood

  Describe your favorite room either of your own house or in other places and explain why.
  Well, I’m gonna talk about my study room.Firstly, there are all kinds of books in this room and the atmosphere makes me feel like to study. There are a few tablets on the wall with famous sayings which have inspired and stimulated me a lot. The interesting books make me preoccupied with them and I have learned a lot of knowledge from them.Secondly, it’s very quiet and helps me relax. When I am tired after a long time of study, I usually open all the windows and listen to the birds singing and smell the pleasant scent of the flowers. Looking far into the sky, watching the clouds moving slowly, all these just seem to be fascinating.
  Describe a place you have never been to but like to go someday.
  I would go to New Zealand for a trip if I had a chance. It's a lovely country, made up two islands. It is very lush(青葱的) and green because it rains a lot there. I would do a lot of different things and one thing I would definitely do is to swim with the dolphins. One of my friends ever did it, which she said was very interesting. At first, she was only brave enough to pat them and then she got braver and held on to one's fin while it took her for a swim. They moved very quickly and gracefully through the water and it was fascinating(棒极了). So the place for a trip would be New Zealand! I’d like to go to Japan if I have a chance.Visiting the Fuji mountain is one of my dreams, you know the peak covered with snow stands there erectly stretching up to the sky ,it is just fascinating. The beautiful scenery of the countryside and the modern amenities in the cities are both attractive to me.What’s more, I am very interested in Japanese history and culture. If I could go there I could deepen my understanding of them.In addition, Japanese girls are very soft and tender which sounds fascinating to me. I am really eager to make friends with them and maybe I could find a charming girl friend.
  Describe an enjoyable event in your childhood.
  Well, I wanna talk about my first boating in a lake.Actually it was a big fish pond and the contractor didn’t allow boating in his lake.But a fellow of mine and I disanchored his boat and pulled the boat to the middle of the lake. We were very excited thatwe splashed water to each other. And suddenly, a big fish jumped out of the water and we became more excited and we began to strike the water surface with the paddles. To our surprise more and more fishes jumped out of the water and some of them jumped into the boat. We were so excited that we exclaimed cheerfully. Later we were reprimanded by the contractor severely but we really had a good time.
  If you unexpectedly received a large amount of money, what would you do with it? Would you spend it for practical purposes or simply for fun?
  Well, first of all, I would like to establish an education fund for the children in Sichuan Province whose houses were damaged in the earthquake to make sure they could receive a good education. Some of them have lost their parents, it will be very hard for them in the rest of their lives. You know a good education is the most important thing for a person in the long run. If they were well-educated they might lead a happy life in the future.And of course I would set up a company in my hometown to improve the local economy. I have a deep love for my hometown but it mainly depends on agricultural economy so I want to improve the industrial level and thus raise(elevate) the residents’ living standard.


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